Learning The Language Of Heaven

To learn the language of the Holy Spirit, one must pray.

One must be aware of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in one’s 💓. And grow in the power to feel Jesus and the Holy Spirit in tangible manifest presence with one.
The leadership of one’s 💓 as Governor must become more and more the 💓 of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Religion is a counterfeit spirit of leviathan of external domination and control by external personalities of postured false authority (that is the language of Rome, “Paul”: leviathan of hell). It opposes walking by internal 💓 connection with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Fluency in the spiritual language of Heaven is 💓 union with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in power to manifest visible glory on earth in perfection of miracle working power in Jesus name; by outpouring of the Holy Spirit in great weights of glory so that everyone is healed.

I am fluent in the language of Heaven.

But ppl who are not fluent want me to speak their lesser dialect. They are not as skilled at me in the language of Heaven in Jesus Christ.

I can speak the language of Heaven perfectly. Because I saw Jesus face to face in Heaven in full revelation in my salvation. And studied on earth for decades to gain power to speak the language on earth with equal fluency.

And, so when I lead a meeting, the language barriers come down as the glory comes down and is made manifest.

And that is how other Christians will learn the language at my level fluency. There is no one who is more fluent in the language of Heaven than me. Because I can speak the language in power to heal all at meetings in Jesus name.
Hearing Jesus is speaking the language. I hear with clarity to speak fluently from my 💓.

But ppl are stuck at their own language level, want to be the greatest: so they silence me.

Every saint can learn to speak the language of Heaven fluently.
It is our native tongue. We are born from Heaven. We are spirit born of God. Our spirits born of God know the language perfectly.

But I am going to learn earthly languages now. Because ppl who don’t speak the language of Heaven as well as me called me names not understanding me. And wanted their own levels to be mine.

And frustrated me. Trying to understand the Heavenly Kingdom language of Jesus by the foreign spiritual language of Rome and “Paul”. It’s the language of the 💓 of Jesus I speak in visible glory from Heaven in uniting His 💓 with mine by the Holy Spirit on earth.

It’s a God thing past their purview. And they should not have tried to limit me to their own levels as my glass ceiling.

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  1. Laura, I hope your studying is going smoothly. As I watched the video where you spoke about reading books in Spanish to learn the language, it struck me. It sounds so simple, so forgive me if I am having a ‘DUH’ moment, but reading our Father’s Word would work the same way. Even if we dont always understand stand it, the Holy Spirit in us does perfectly.
    I am a big reader. I really enjoy Christian historical fiction. But I was getting bored returning to the ‘same’ basic plot. I mean, most of the books i have read are lovely, the authors I have enjoyed seem very talented and committed to giving the reader a unique story, but i was becoming unfulfilled in reading them. Honestly, they were some sort of escape for me. From the everyday life of me, with all its joys and stresses that come from being a mom and wife. My ‘me’ time. It seemed counterfeit though, and I wanted to be more disciplined as the apostle Jesus tells women to be. I have begun covering my mind with the Word instead of fiction. I have begun to turn to the Old Testament and John and Revelation nightly. With some tea and maybe a little treat, I am more fulfilled, finding my ‘escape’ in our Father’s love, working to see Jesus’s face more clearly.
    Just wanted to share. Thanks Laura.

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